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    About Timers
    timers are different from stopwatches. The stopwatch tends to start counting from zero, while kitchen timers are pre-set at a specific time and beeps like an alarm once it reaches zero. These kitchen timers are available in three types: mechanical, electromechanical, and digital. The mechanical kitchen timers are traditional tools which you can operate by setting the timer to a specific amount of time that you need. Then, it will start the countdown with an audible tick and will make a sound when it reaches zero. Dial timer is one of the mechanical kitchen timers that you can find from our wholesalers on Tradechina.com. These can be used even without battery or any electrical source. All you have to do is simply turn the dial and wait for the sound alarm once the pre-set time is up. On the other hand, a digital kitchen timer is a type of timers that has a longer time range than mechanical kitchen timer. It can be set for up to 24 hours and can be placed anywhere you want. An LCD timer is a good example of a digital kitchen timer. It is equipped with an LCD screen, but it needs batteries to function. The electromechanical kitchen timers are easier to operate. You simply set your preferred time for your appliance to work. Once the kitchen timer counts down to zero, then, your device will automatically switch off. Most people are usually familiar with mechanical and digital timers compared to the electromechanical ones. Other great timers you can find on Tradechina.com includes magnetic kitchen timers, retro kitchen timers, pampered kitchen timers, vintage kitchen times, unique kitchen timers, chicken kitchen timers, baking kitchen timers, sunbeam kitchen timers and many more.
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