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    About Timber Raw Materials
    Wholesale timber raw materials can also be bought to match your customers' décor, coming in many different stained plywood patterns. Buy natural-looking plywood, including cedar plywood, maple plywood, oak plywood, and walnut plywood, to give an air of quality to your customers' woodwork. Find all these timber raw materials and more, available from wholesalers on Tradechina.com. Wholesalers on Tradechina.com offer a vast range of timber raw materials, with different styles, cuts, and thicknesses to suit all your customer needs. Buy solid wood sheets to build upmarket kitchens, solid oak boards for furniture, solid pine planks and solid timber boards to build garden sheds or outhouses, and solid oak tongue and groove boards for a lighter, easy-to-assemble option. In addition, buy smaller cuts like large solid oak chopping boards. Find all these timber raw material and more wholesale on Tradechina.com. To offer your customers a range in cost as well as color, stock solid MDF board, solid melamine board, and solid particle board. These options are sturdy and long-lasting as they are bonded with resin, but are more economically priced than real wood options. In addition, these lower cost options offer a wider choice in terms of color as they are often sold with colored varnish or paint coverings. Buy wholesale black MDF boards and white MDF boards for easy-to-make furniture at a low cost. Stock a variety of colored options too, and cater to all tastes.
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