About Pneumatic Parts
Find pneumatic parts from Tradechina.com for a wholesale supply from China. Enjoy low prices when you shop directly from the factory for pneumatic parts . On Tradechina.com, you can find all parts of a pneumatic system for your wholesale business or repair shop from Chinese wholesalers. Some of the available pneumatic parts products include compressed air filters, which are used to remove moisture from compressed air. Each filter has a bowl that stores 25cm2 to 130cm2 of condensed water and a bowl guard for releasing that water from the filter. Some have auto drain valves, which discharge condensed water automatically from the air filter. Auto drain valves can also be purchased separately. Air filters are made of aluminum and work in temperatures of 5 to 60 degrees. Maximum operating pressure is 1.0 megapascal (MPA) but can withstand pressures of up to 1.5mpa. Port sizes can vary from an eighth of an inch to one inch. pneumatic parts used for initiating linear motion are also available. You can choose between the single-acting or the double-acting cylinder. They’re compatible with various tubes such as PE hose, PU hose, and nylon hose. You can get solenoid valves to help in controlling the flow direction of compressed air. Choose from 2 to 5-way valves, with 2 or 3 positions. You can also decide between the sealed type, pressure type, or exhaust type. Plus, check out suitable air pressure regulators for your processing needs. Some are equipped with a pressure gauge for real-time monitoring of air pressure. Other pneumatic components you can find from Tradechina.com include honed tubes, quick push air tube connectors, suction cups, air hoses, union elbow and union straight fittings, brass pneumatics, cylinder mounting parts and kits, among others. If you’re looking for parts for your pneumatic system, shop from Tradechina.com for great varieties and competitive prices.