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    About Other Luggage Bags&Cases_old
    With the growth of tourism, there is a high demand for other luggage bagscasesold . Different people have diverse preferences in selecting suitcases. In general, luggage bags come at different sizes, colors, weight, capacity, materials, and prices. Travelers tend to pay a lot of attention to the luggage size. The international standard size of a piece of carry-on luggage is 20 inches, which is slightly different from domestic requirements. If you are planning to buy a large suitcase, you should check it in instead of bringing it on the plane with you. Luggage weight is also restricted by airline companies so people prefer to buy a lighter carry-on suitcase and check-in luggage if they are bringing heavier stuff. They usually check the weight with luggage scales, to avoid an additional charge. Material is another important factor to decide other than the weight and durability of a piece of luggage. Unlike traveler bags, hard-shell luggage is made of metal and plastic. They perform better in resisting heat. Also, they are waterproof and can last longer. There are also some other luggage bagscasesold that are made of leather, fabric, or other soft materials. other luggage bagscasesold have wheels and easy to be carried around. You need to think about what kind of wheels you prefer. Some are equipped tightly to the bag, while others are not; some are silent when moving, while others would make much noise on the street. Some people think the number, position, and quality of handles are also significant. Some prefer to buy other luggage bagscasesold with sturdy locks to enhance the security. You can browse Tradechina.com and choose the suitable one to wholesale.
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