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The choice of wholesale marine parts accessories is important and should be made according to the navigation area. We have boat anchor types in different designs and materials that can be adapted to any type of boat or seabed. The flat anchors can be used on sandy and muddy waters. This type of anchor is efficient and can be easily replanted if it stalls. For heavier currents, there are various types of river anchors. They are designed to catch on hard bottoms and hold the boat or vessel in place. This type of anchor has a hollow shank, and its tip is heavily weighted, which makes it very effective. For seaweed-covered waters, we have a variety of sand anchors and grapple anchors that stabilize the boats in bad water conditions. On the other hand, plow anchors are more suitable for water with rocky bottoms. The anchors are generally made of galvanized steel which increases their holding power, and such anchors are quite suitable for use even in windy conditions. The choice of marine parts accessories depends on other elements such as the chain, the rope, or the shackle. Apart from the different types of boat anchors we offer, there are also many related accessories and equipment like anchor ropes for boats. Check out our collection and find bargain wholesale deals!
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