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    About Mannequins
    Wholesale mannequins are a great way to promote your product — many stores are famous for their shop window fronts, with customers coming every year to see the new displays. Help your own store and your customers' stores stand out from the crowd by using mannequins with a difference. Representation is a huge deal right now, so make sure you are adjusting to the client by stocking mannequins that represent your customers and your customers' customers. Tradechina.com's wholesalers stock mannequins for every skin type, including Asian mannequins and black mannequins. Additionally, find wholesale transgender mannequins, plus size dress form mannequins, petite mannequins, male mannequins, and others, all available at great, wholesale pricing when you buy in bulk. mannequins also vary depending on the shop display needs, so store adjustable mannequins, poseable mannequins, and pivot point mannequins, to create a dynamic and interesting shop front. Stock full body mannequins and fashion mannequins for outfit displays, as well as torso mannequins and manikin heads for jewelry and head gear. Finally, if you are just starting out and need low-cost mannequins options, explore Tradechina.com's wholesale used mannequins, Styrofoam mannequin heads, and cheap mannequin offerings, to get your business off the ground at wholesale pricing.
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