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laser cut garden metal screenlaser cut garden metal screen
USD $ 10.00 - 99.00
>=200 / piece
Meo Food Co., Ltd.
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The wholesale home garden is a snakelike cloth tube. There are different types: under-door draft stopper, door draft blocker, window draft stopper, fireplace draft blocker, garage door draft stopper, and weighted door draft stopper. It prevents cold hair from blowing inside, as well as keeping warm air from escaping. A draft blocker is a minute gadget that keeps the cool air in the home during winter. home garden can be used on patio doors, windows, skylights, sliding glass doors to prevent warm air from being lost through them. It has a lightweight design and can be placed anywhere. The draft stopper is designed to stop drafts by creating an air seal around doors, windows, and other openings that allow outside air to come into the home. Draft snakes can be cut to size and help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. It is helpful during the winter months to prevent chilly air from coming through the window/doorways. This improved home garden improves the insulative efficiency of the existing windows greatly. It reduces the heat loss through windows, maintaining warmth in the home. The high-tech foam is permanent, can be cut to size to fit a window, and a window cold blocker. Available in a wide range of sizes. Use the draft stopper with a door at the top to keep cold air out in cold weather or warm air in when hot. Can be used with a door on the bottom to bring cool air from outside into a room in warm weather. Protect the home from cold air drafts using this simple but effective foam draft stopper. Insert the twin draft guard stop into an existing window crack to create a weather-tight seal. This home garden is environmentally friendly and a good alternative to bulky electrically powered heaters.