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    Glass Marbles

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    About Glass Marbles
    Elevate your home or event’s decor with the spread-out inventory of glass marbles at Tradechina.com. They are designed to give floral displays sparking and shimmering reflections or accents. Blend these fabulous decor trimmings with candles and mirrors to piquancy the elegance of interior and exterior spaces. Explore imposing glass marbles that are unique in style and superior in performance to add mass to home vases for enhanced stability. Highly decorative and super easy to work with, these decor trimmings allow quick and easy creation of elegant designs for homes and events. They are available in breathtaking options, including decoration and gift, unisex, home decorations, holiday decorations, art and collectibles, and more. Find incredible glass marbles selections at Tradechina.com available in white luster, clear and black color options. These glass marbles come in impressive finishes and shines, with options including decorative pebbles and acrylic pearls, all of which deliver imposing decors when paired with flowers and similar decorations. They come in manifold sizes and styles and can be used with classic glass bud vases, single stem flowers, vase fillers, vase arts and more to create the most intriguing floral arrangements. Find machine-made varieties available in small, medium, and large marbles. Shop Tradechina.com for exclusive glass marbles options for both professional buyers and household users. Discover different suppliers and wholesalers of these items on the site. These decor trimmings are ideal for glass jars or vases and will impress you.
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