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    About Fur
    Dressing up well constitutes an integral part of your personality. It defines you and speaks well before you do. At Tradechina.com- we firmly believe in the art of dressing appropriately. Gauging the dressing requirements of our customers from across the globe, we house summer as well as winter wardrobe essentials that can help you develop a stylish fashion statement. From our diverse range of wholesale wardrobe-essentials fur are a good buy. We offer fur in different styles, suitable for both summer and winter seasons. Our chic collection of office coats is every working woman’s dream come true. Crafted in oversized and fitted style forms, you can choose what you want to adorn. For winters, our fur coats are a reasonable buy. Offering the thickness and warmth of a blanket, these fur coats promise to keep you warm in the harshest of weather. To battle the rainy season, our parka coat is just the wardrobe staple you need. Preventing you from getting damp or wet during a rainfall, it is transitional and can be worn with sweaters during the winter and T-shirts during the summer! Similarly, you can choose to wear an elegant ladies trench coat in an overcoat style to battle the gusty cold winds. If it’s much colder where you live, you must choose from amongst our amazing puffer coats or bubble coats to block the wind. We also offer a puffer coat with hood for added protection from cold winds! If you are looking for comfortable maternity wear styles, our maternity coats are a must-have. Oversized and providing just the right amount of belly coverage, they allow you to stay warm while flaunting your baby bump. You may dress up our coats over women’s polo, dressy jumpsuit, or even a long fur vest!
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