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Select from a wide selection of wholesale flanges on sale at great prices! Are you a mechanical engineer or perhaps just someone with a faulty toilet plumbing system in need of service? Fear not, Tradechina.com caters to both your needs with its amazing range of products available. Have not heard of a flange or know of its usage? Pipe flanges connect piping components by the usage of bolts and gaskets. Some commonly used ones are the weld neck flange, slip-on flange, and threaded flange. The usage of flanges can be useful to allow for ease of disassembly and separation for repair and regular servicing. If you are using it for industrial, commercial, or institutional applications, you can take a look at the steel flanges available which come in a variety of styles and pressure classes. Be sure to choose the correct type of flanges that you need as certain flanges have specific requirements and will not fit together otherwise. On the other hand, if you have got a 'sick' toilet, be sure to get your toilet flange checked and replaced, if necessary. Tradechina.com offers a massive collection of flanges from PVC pipe flange to copper flanges and plumbing flanges, all at affordable prices. Get free shipping and other discounts with your purchase! Shop for flanges today, be sure to get yours while stocks last!
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