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    About Down & Feather
    Using the large number of sellers on Tradechina.com, you will be able to find the perfect wholesale down feather shipment that will satisfy your customers. Whether you are looking for tail feathers, contour feathers, filoplume or other decorative feathers, we have you covered. We also have a range of options for filling feathers and downs for use in bedding and winter coats. There are two types of down feather that come from our feathered friends- structural feathers commonly just called feathers and down. Feathers come from the outside of duck and geese and are flat. They are used mostly for support to provide some structure. Down is the item that gives the most insulation and that signature fluffiness and softness to items. They come from under the flat feathers and create loftiness which is the trapping of bits of air between their fibers to create insulation. Pillow feathers and duvet feathers are primarily made from goose down and duck down. In decorative down feather options, you can have a look at a range of colors and types of feathers. Some are even artificially colored for use in craft projects. You will find wing feathers, rustle feathers, semiplume feathers and filoplume feathers which all have different structures. They do not provide insulation but serve a purpose to add creative touches. Whether you are looking for a feather merchant for decorative feather heads or for filling for feather light bedding, you will find a range of options on Tradechina.com
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