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    About Contactors
    Choosing the right contactors for your application is essential as it will prevent electrical and mechanical failures during operation. There are some factors to put into consideration before making any decision. One, the utilization category since contactors are tailored for different load and electrical characteristics. In that way, you should first identify your application needs before buying any contactor. Second, consider the current or power of the load. If you choose a small contactors that can't support that load, its contacts will stick and wear during operation, which may be dangerous. Third, check the site electrical supply voltage as contactors coils differ with voltage supply. It's essential because if you supply the coil with excess voltage, it will melt down, while when the voltage is low, it will slow down and then stop functioning. Besides, consider the mounting types and positions in the contactors catalog before purchase. In that way, you won't ruin the product while assembling, which may terminate your warranty. Check also the contactor mechanical and electrical accessories whether they are according to your application needs. They should be well-matched with the contactor type you want. Also, check the maximum temperature the contactors can withstand during operation and storage. This is because some contactors require cooling while others don't. If you order a contactor that requires cooling after reaching certain temperatures, make sure you don't extend those degrees as burnout will occur. Besides, check the coil response time after energization since a dependable contactor will have a short response time. You can also check the number of auxiliary contacts as they will help you know the kind of contactor whether it's a closed or open contactors . Visit Tradechina.com and buy any contactors that your customers will like at wholesale prices.
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