About Construction Tools
At Tradechina.com, you will find wholesale construction tools for various applications. A toolbox is the starting point for every home improvement project, with an assortment of hand tools, power tools, and accessories designed to fit in compact spaces. Drills are also popular tools as they can sharply drill holes and turn screws, and they come in different sizes and designs to fit any need. Tools like table saws and chainsaws are also available. A table saw can be used to create custom wood projects, or to cut large pieces of wood in precise measurements. A chainsaw can be used for tree branches when they fall off during storms. We also have tools such as sanders which feature a built-in dust blower that puts out strong air flows to keep the work surface clean and dust-free. Paint sprayers efficiently apply paint or stain whenever and wherever it's needed. You can also find at Tradechina.com several types of construction tools . The chisel is one of the most versatile tools around, ideal for opening up new lines on a block of marble. Hammers are simple yet versatile tools used for driving nails and other imperfect hardware into wood or other hard materials, like stone or metal. Pliers are the ultimate portable power tools, with their ability to cut through metal, strip wire, crimp, and bend. We also have wood plane, socket wrench, socket set, trowel, hand saw, wrench set, adjustable wrench, oil filter wrench, electrical screwdriver, hand planer, needle nose pliers. We have other construction tools including sledgehammers and log splitters.