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    About Bus
    We offer wholesale bus in a variety of configurations to suit each journey type. Coaches are great for large group travels and cater to events, such as business trips, schools field trips, and many more. The list of bus will be suitable for anyone looking to run such journeys for a longer term While coaches are not a foreign term to most, there are specifications to consider depending on the services it provides. First and foremost, the number of seats will be the first criteria to clear. The seats on a coach range from 30 to 60, and the size will correspond accordingly. The amount of storage will also affect the size, with some coaches equipped with luggage bays under the bus. Others may also have overhead shelving for smaller carry-on baggage. Amenities are another factor to consider. For longer distance rides, amenities such as reclining seats or in-build screens for entertainment may make the journey more bearable. These will ease any discomfort for the passengers and make it a smoother ride. Some even have onboard toilets for trips with fewer allowance for breaks. Depending on the itinerary, the requirements for each coach will be different. For a more customized look, the exterior of the coach can reflect the journey ahead. An example of this is a coach service for the botanical garden, decorated with floral prints to promote its purpose.
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