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    About Ball Screws
    Minimize friction and efficiently convert rotary into linear motion with the ball screws available at Tradechina.com. Ball screw components are an alternative to standard lead screws which use an array of ball bearings to provide a moving surface that reduces friction and allows machinery parts to slide freely without risking damage. They are used in many automation systems in manufacturing, as well as the aviation and automotive sectors, and come in a diverse range of sizes and configurations. If you need a dependable ball screws for your industrial projects, Tradechina has what you need. Every type of ball screws can be found at our ball screws store. You'll find precision lead ball screws, standard lead rolled screws, rotary nut screws and ball screw nuts for every application. For instance, if you need high load screws for medical equipment or aviation, there are specialist components that can get the job done. And if you have a particular model of CNC machine for precision metalworking, there should be screws to fit its mechanism in our wholesale store. Use the search function and home in on exactly the right screws for every situation. Our search tools allow you to filter by every single detail. So if you need a ball screws with a certain thread diameter, add the numbers and the screw type and you'll be good to go. Find a ball screw that can handle the axial loads it will encounter, and choose models that are easy to assemble if you need components for relatively simple equipment. There are ball screws for the most advanced aeronautical devices as well as basic machining centers. Have a look around and pick up the wholesale components your production line requires.
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