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    About Badge Holder & Accessories
    Browse through the offers and find wholesale badge holder accessories , lanyard badge holder, ID badge holder, and much more for your stock. Buy badges and wallets from international suppliers. Using a badge ID holder is a simple and effective way to give a visual indicator identifying staff in hospitals, stores, factories, schools, and any other place that manages employees and has a lot of traffic. These badges may come with different features adapted to specific purposes. A nurse badge reel or nurse badge holder, for example, can have thematic decorations and be attached to the shirt, pocket, or put around the neck. In contrast, a police badge holder or police badge wallet won’t have a lot of strings attached and will be tightly secured in a belt to handle all the activities that a police officer has to perform. The badge holder accessories can be attached to different materials through different mechanisms and badge clips. An ID card holder, for example, can be just put around the neck or secured in the shirt with a clip. These badge holder clips can be either strap or adhesive clips. The strap badge wallet clips will have a pin, crocodile grip, or hook that can be attached to clothes and a vinyl strap that wraps around a punch in the card. The adhesive name tag holder clips are directly attached to the card and don’t need a punch hole. A magnetic card lanyard holder doesn’t need any clips or pins at all, minimizing possible damage to clothes. On Tradechina.com, you have access to international offers for wholesale badge holder accessories , ID badge lanyards, name badge holders, cute badge reels, and much more. Take a look at the offers, check the specifications, choose a supplier, and buy international products to stock up your business.
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