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Leather products
  • Leather products

Leather products

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Leather is used as the major raw material of vamp, shoe sole, clothes, bags & suitcases, etc. Therefore, the quality of leather products mainly depends on the raw materials it uses. The quality of leather is comprehensively evaluated through appearance inspection, microscopic structure test, as well as physical and chemical analysis.

Major physical testing items for leather products

n Color fastness to rubbing

n Color fastness to washing

n Color fastness to light

n Color fastness to perspiration

n Compression resistance for leather

n Abrasion resistance for leather

n Tearing strength

n Tensile strength

n Other items

Major chemical testing items

n Formaldehyde content

n Chromium (VI)

n PH

n AZO Dye

n Pentachlorophenol

n Teteach loraphenol

n Trichloraphenol

n Allergenous disperse dyes

n Carcinogen disperse dyes

n Phathalates

n Total lead

n Total cadmium

n Perfluorrooctane sulfonates

n Short-chain chlorinated paraffin

n Dimethyl fumarate

n Others (flame retardants, pesticides, etc.)

Leather products from China supplier

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