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Candle products
  • Candle products

Candle products

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In nowadays society, candle is more used to create atmospheres rather than illumination. Besides adding air of tranquility and special sense of ceremony to life, candles also present an inherent danger; an open flame and potential for fire. With the growing popularity of candles, incidents of candle related fires have increased, thus safety has become a priority when buying candles, and other open flame products.

To help you confront this challenge, HQTS-QAI offers a full range of tests for candles and accessories to determine the following:

n Warning label check

n Candles burning safety

n Flame height

n Other ignition

n End of useful life

n Candle stability

n Candle container compatibility and burner

n Sharp temperature change proof of candle container

n Thermal Shock

n Lead content of wick

Candle products from China supplier

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